Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Jaga satu hati, pegang satu nama. 
Simpan dalam hati, setia hujung nyawa! 

2 tahun lalu.

Pertama kali kita bercakap atas urusan kerja. 
And today, you are very important person to me. 
I couldn’t live without this man and i cannot imagine my life without him.

The one who always see the best in me! 
The one who always love me unconditionally. 
The one who never fail to make me smile everyday. 
The one who always hold my hand when im falling.
The one who accept and forgive all my flaws. 
The one who heals my broken heart.
The one who always wipes my tears.
The one who always hug me just to make sure im strong enough when my life turn down.

And the most important thing, the one who accept and love my son too much! And i was the one who blessed having him as my husband. No one word could be described how good he was to me and our son. I grateful i met the right person to grow old with.

Thank you abang for loving me too much. 
Thank you papa for always give your best to Muhammad Ammar.

Ummi dan Ammar always love you. 😘
The love still the same, just like two years ago! ❤️

I love you and always do! 


9 months to go! 

Bak kata wannad, 9 bulan terakhir ni mcm2 benda nak kena hadap untuk tamatkan pelajaran kami. Mmg orang kata, “alah 9 bulan je lagi.” 😞A

Actually  last week, i felt, i want to quit my study. Aku rasa mcm takleh nak go on. First, i just want to focus to my family. I was pity to my son, he need more extra attention on his age. Secondly, bosan dah nak kena travel every weekend. Hidup aku mmg atas jalan je. Aku dilahirkan untuk jadi seorang pengembara! 🤣

But when i remember again, how my husband had been sacrificed himself from the day 1 i continued my study, i push myself utk habiskan jgk degree ni. And i advice myself, why i started to continue my study! Ingat balik objektif utama membuatkan aku sambung belajar. 😖Bukan senang sambung study bila dah ada suami, ada anak, dengan kerja busy memerlukan komitmen tinggi, jarak Shah Alam-Kuantan, kos yang bukan sedikit, bermacam dugaan kena tempuh dari segi komitmen pada suami dan anak. Haha! 😂Tapi dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan. Okay, just bear with another 9 months!

Somehow, i become strong because i have many good friends in my circle! Who always have their good sense and always give their hands in any ways. I really blessed having them before we forget each other, bak kata paupau! Haha! 🤣

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Hai All. Assalamualaikum wbt and good evening!
            Mmm, I don’t know why I end up here again today. Maybe I have a plenty of time! Too much. Oh nope, I felt bored since my husband was slept soundly! HAHA! Yesterday, we were planned to go to Chemerong Waterfall. That waterfall situated at Terengganu, to be exact, Kerteh. Not too far from Kuantan, just about an hour and half to reach there. Unfortunately on the Friday, I got the whatsapp which informed that my working’s partner for this month had an accident near the hospital. So it wasn’t turned up like we have been planned because the scheduled of blood donation campaign which held at the Kuantan Parade was on Saturday, which was yesterday. This month I was in charged for Transfusion Microbiology Lab or we called it as screening lab. So, as the person in charged, who was responsible to this work, I need to pack the Nucleic Acid Testing samples that we were collected from donation campaign to send them to National Blood Centre in Kuala Lumpur. NAT is the one of the policy’s from Ministry of Health Malaysia in order to ensure the safety of blood supply.

            Therefore, yesterday, I was came work for a while to pack those things on evening. After that, my husband was picked me up at the hospital for a dinner together. I was craved for maggi celup, so my husband brought me to my favourite place situated near the stadium Kuantan. After my craving was satisfied, we were going to the Kuantan City Mall. The new mall had opened for a past few weeks which would be the new place for Warga Kuantan to hang out and window shopping for every weekend. I had significant memories with Ammar at that mall such watching the Mini Didi and Friends Karnival. It was held for 4 days on their opening ceremony. I was brought Ammar there for every each day except on the second day. HAHA! Didi was his favourite cartoon, he was really enjoyed the carnival and such a happy kids in this world. As a parents, nothing can be described the feeling for giving your kids a smile and joyful memories. It may be a small thing for others, but not for me. I missed his smile a lot.

            Actually, we were going there to find Ammar’s new clothes. But end up I shopping many things until my husband “woke me up” about our main objectives there. HAHA! To be honest, it is really important going to shop with your partner guys. When you are about to buy everything, someone will remind you between the needs or lust. Well, W.O.M.E.N. HAHA! If we followed our lust, anything we could buy guys. So, I want to give my word of advice , never ever going shopping with your friends. HAHA! After I realized, I shop too much (thanks a lot my husband), I felt the pain at my right’s leg. T.T I told my husband that I cannot walk anymore. So we went to the ground floors find the place or restaurant that I could rest for a while. My husband let me selected any restaurant that I would like. Definitely, I chose Coffee Bean guys. HAHA! I really love their coffee’s aroma. I couldn’t help myself. Actually guys, they have a promotion for any ice blended until I cannot remember when. We just got only RM10 for green tea ice blended which paid  by pay wave and we need to have master card (debit or credit). Their price quite reasonable from the normal one, so what are you waiting now? Go and grab please!

            This entry just a random one. I thought I want to review a few budget hotels that I had stayed every week. I just got an emailed which requested me to blog more about how my daily life could be such as my works, my family, my study and how I juggling all that in the same time. HAHA! To be honest, I don’t have specific time that I disciplined myself to follow. Oh, I will blog next time if I have a time. For the time being, just bear with my writing in this blog. I chose to write in English as a practice in order to start my thesis writing soon. So, please bear with my grammar. I am not so good in English, I knew guys I knew! (T.T)
So till then, XOXO 


Friday, November 3, 2017


Assalamualaikum wbt.

            Dah lama tak menulis disini. Kebetulan ada masa terluang, boleh update blog. Bila lama tak menulis memang kaku idea nak tulis topik apa. HAHA! Entry ni hanya nak sebut pasal Ammar je. Sebab rindu sangat kat dia. Today is the 4th day Ammar was away from me, maybe for 10 days as agreed. Because his biological father has been worked at Singapore, I pray he will send ammar sooner.

            Last week, I brought Ammar back to the hometown. To visit his forever-love-grandma. Ammar called her as Tokma. Unfortunately, my husband cannot came along with us due to his work’s commitment. So, its okay! Therefore, I asked him to let me drive back to hometown alone with Ammar since he couldn’t make it, but as expected, he didn’t allowed. Ok, fine! The choice that I had was to travel by bus. To be honest, that was the first time I was traveled with Ammar by bus, just the two of us and I was a bit worried that I couldn’t handle him well by all myself. A travelling back was smoothly without any drama. Ammar also seems so excited when I told him that he will meet his Tokma, aunties and Tokbah soon. “Jumpa tokma, jumpa tok abah, Cik Isya, Cik Su.” And he said it repeatedly until he fell asleep.

            My family has been waited for his coming so many weeks to our home sweet home. Eerrr, or months since July that he not came back, maybe? They were came to Kuantan last Eidul Adha. Around end of August and now end of october. How much they missed ammar only Allah knows. Ammar grew up with them since three-months-old due circumstances that happened to his ummi’s life until  recently. So how come they are not miss him too much. Me, myself, cannot see Ammar for a few days pun dah nak meroyan. Since I took leave for 4 days and skip my class that weekend, I satisfied. It was like I lighted again my family's home and brought their joyful back to its place. :’) Day 1 and 2 nothing much we done at kampung. Just being chilled here and there, hang out with my family members and such.

            Day 3, my mom had events (perkhemahan tahunan) for her PPKI’s students, and need to stay over for 3 days and 2 nights at Pantai Telong. So she brought us along for two days and a night because she doesn’t want to be apart with his too-much-love-grandson. HAHA! Oh, Ammar choosed his Tokma rather than me (heartbroken-ummi), so he much more clingy to his Tokma and followed her around during the activities. So ummi chill je lah, tenangkan jiwa, tenangkan hati, menikmati keindahan alam. HAHA! Pantai Telong situated at the Bachok, near the well-known Melawi Beach. Pantai Telong was famous with the resorts and its white crystal sands. I always amazed with the beauty of Terengganu's beach and I don't think any beach could bet their beauty but Pantai Telong had made me realized, my perception was totally wrong. There's a beauty beach in Kelantan.

            Day 4, our bus scheduled on 11.00 PM at Melor’s bus station. Seriously, Ammar did a drama! He knew well that he will leave his tokma, dia menyorok dalam bilik tokma dia. I was pujuk him berkali-kali agar ikut ummi. Then, he doesn't want heard, memang berhempas pulas nak dukung dia masuk kereta. Siap tumbuk-tumbuk lagi muka ummi, anak lelaki kan. Sigh. He doesn’t want to leave the place where he belong. But ummi does not belong there Ammar, my heart don’t belong there. My heart was broke into the pieces, the responbilities to my family just only the reason left why i still come back. That’s why I tried my best untuk pulang menziarahi mereka. Hence, we have papa that have been waited for us, love us eternally. We need to live beside him. And the most important thing, Kuantan was the place for me to make a living. I was happy in Kuantan. There’s nothing to worry, there’s nothing to be annoyed.

            To be honest, I was cried along with Ammar on that night during my way to bus station. I was so sad to bring ammar with me to Kuantan which I know my mom was suffered for being apart with Ammar. But he is my son. I cannot live without him. I cannot imagine how I could live without him beside me again. I was apart from him since he was three-months-old and I don’t want us to be apart again. I want to raise him like all the parents should do, love him like tomorrow-is-the-last day-I-will-be-alived. Memory for being apart with my son was the worst memory ever.

EXCUSE ME! Why I need to write about that-worst-memory? (annoy face here)

            Okay, back on track, I tried my best to won his heart. He cried, he kept yelled on me that he doesn’t want to ride the bus. And I confronted him repeatedly. I told him that this wasn’t good attitude to his mom. He must talk nicely to his mom since “syurga dibawah tapak kaki ibu.” HAHA! I don’t care if he doesn’t understand but my responsibility to advise him, he is my son though. He threw me his tantrum, I kept on told myself, “be patience, this will be end very soon” and this word repeatedly in my brain. Just to make sure I don’t scold him or his tantrum become worst. HAHA! So, the solution that I took was, gave my phone to him and let him saw his favourite cartoons on the you tube channel. OMG, this was really GEN Z. I felt that night was really adventure guys! Really-really adventure to handle his tantrum alone. Biasa ada papa yang handle. HAHA!

            After he calmed down, I was sighed so many times. It’s really hard travelling alone with Ammar by bus. I just felt so tired and want to cry again. Unfortunately, I was suffered with my gastric pain on that time, but I need to be strong. I kept told myself I was such a strong woman. No need to cry anymore. HAHA! After half an hour of waiting, the bus was come and we seated at our place. And Ammar threw his tantrum again. But not too noisy. Because there’s a lot of people hahaha! Maybe, he shamed? HAHA! He wanted to cry and I quickly gave his bottle’s milk to drink. HAHA! A few minutes later he fell asleep. Fuhhh, I  was sooooo blessed. 

Till then, XOXO 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017



Hai and i think it will be very quickly update about this since i am really busy person. HAHAHA!

I just want to share what my very first problem in this world! 

Ni la problem aku sekarang. EVERYDAY!

This totally broke my heart. Everytime nak berpisah dengan ummi. 
Actually, Ammar trauma selepas kena berpisah dengan ummi ikut bapak kandung asal dia balik kampung setiap bulan. Sejak itu, Ammar mula buat perangai macam ni. Ammar seakan sangat takut jika ummi tinggalkan dia lagi. Nope ammar, ummi tak pernah tinggalkan Ammar. But you have to follow your bapak kandung la. :'(

Setiap kali ammar kena tinggalkan ummi dan perlu pergi dari ummi, ketahuilah betapa ummi menangis merindui ammar setiap hari. Ummi cuba kuat tapi ummi rindu pada Ammar. 
Perjalanan kita indah tapi sukar. 

Disebabkan setiap bulan Ammar perlu berpisah hampir 10 hari dari ummi, ammar semakin rapat dengan ummi. I can see how much you love me.  once you came back, i can see how much you suffered far apart from me. To be honest, ummi tak rela ammar berjauhan dengan ummi. Sedikit pun. Tempat ammar disisi ummi, untuk ummi didik dengan penuh kasih sayang. One fine day, bila ammar dah besar, you can go back to your dad. Ummi takkan ajar anak ummi membenci his own daddy. 

Ammar, awak lelaki, awak kena kuat. Kuat untuk protect ummi, your sibings and one day, your family.

Ummi sayang Ammar. Sayang yang teramat. Tiada apa boleh ummi umpamakan kasih sayang ummi pada Ammar. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Itinerary Perth, Western Australia

Perth, Western Australia.
Road trip 29 March- 3 April 2017.
Day 1
-beli groceries dkt Market City Gourmemt Foods. Banyak produk makanan Malaysia kat Perth ni. No worries! 
-check in dekat Haus Accomodation dkt Francis Street, Northbridge. Tak jauh dari Malaysian Hall.
-lepas rehat, masak lunch dan makan, kitorang pergi ke Kings Park. Dalam itinerary sy pun, sy mmg tak ketatkan sgt jadual hari pertama sbb first time bawak anak kecil. Kesian takut dia penat. 
-malam rest cukup2 sbb esok start jalan jauh ke north. Almost 200 km. So back and forth total 400 km.

Day 2.
-bangun seawal jam 4 pagi. Masak untuk bawak bekal.
-7 pagi dah bertolak. 
-9 pagi sampai di Lancelin Sand Dunes. Tak main sandboarding sbb angin kuat gile, mcm ribut pasir. Dan mmg takde org pun main walau ramai dah sampai situ masa tu. 
-kemudian ke The Pinnacles Dessert. Boleh masuk dgn kereta, ikut laluan yg dah disediakan. Tempat ni unik i told you! 
-patah balik ke Perth City. Singgah di Caversham Wildlife Park. 
-dinner dekat Insan's Cafe kepunyaan rakyat Malaysia. Tepi Chemist Warehouse tempat shopping perfume. 
-lepas dinner pergi chill dekat South Perth Esplanade. Seberang Elizabeth Quay. Terpisah oleh Swan River.

Day 3.
-bangun 4 pagi. Masak buat bekal. Kemas barang. 6 pagi dah start road trip to South. Naik Albany Highway. 
-tengah hari sampai di Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. Jarang Malaysian datang sini. Tapi tak jauh pun dari Pekan Albany. 
-drive dalam 30 minit lg ke The Gap and Natural Bridge. Pun sangat lawa pemandangan nya! Ada kerusi dan meja diperbuat oleh batu, so kami lunch kat sini. 
-kemudian kami ke Albany Windmills Farm. Tak jauh dari The Gap. 
-check in dekat Albany Bayview Lodge YHA. 300 meter dari Pekan Albany. 
-malam, dinner kebab je. Beli kebab turki dkt Pekan Albany. Tu je satu2 nya kedai halal kat situ. Kebab dia besar gile, beli satu je boleh kongsi dua orang.

Day 4.
- 4 pagi bangun masak, kemas barang sbb kami akan start journey ke southwest coast melalui Denmark. 
-6.30 pagi check out. Pusing pekan albany, ambil gambar sekeping dua. Kemudian ke Marina Waterfront. Ada harbour kat situ. Banyak burung bersidai. So bagi Ammar main kejar2 burung, naikkan mood happy dia. Haha! 
-sejam perjalanan, berhenti rehat dkt Greens Pool. Singgah pergi toilet je senanya! Haha! Ada look point, ambil gambar la apa lagi. 
-setengah jam dari Greens Pool kami sampai di Conspicuous Cliff. Tempat ni sangat2 lawa! Please masukkan dalam itinerary!
-Tree Top Walk. Tempat ni suami aku nak gi sangat. Nak tengok pokok2 yg sumpah besar2 dan tinggi2 berusia beratus2 tahun. 
- Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta. Boleh rujuk gambar untuk description nya! 
- Hamelin Bay, Margaret River. Singgah makan bekalan yg aku bawa. 
- Restawhile Motel, Busselton. check in pukul 7 malam dah. Tepi Bussell Highway! Sangat selesa!

Day 5
- Canal Rocks, Yallingup. Sangat lawa. Must visit okay! 
- Canal Beach. Tak jauh pun dari Canal Rocks. 
- Busselton Jetty. Kemudian bertolak balik ke Perth
- Fremantle. Singgah makan fish and chips yang popular dalam kalangan rakyat Malaysia. Dan pergi beli cenderahati dkt E Shed! Murah gile ok t shirt, baju sejuk, dan segala mak nenek. 
- Check in Victoria Park Lodge, Perth City

Day 6
- hari ni chill je lah. Kesian suami dan anak having thru a long journey! Kemas luggage, basuh our rent car sbb teruk sgt rupanya. 
- bersiap segala, check out jam 9 pagi. Pergi Murray Street shopping perfumes. 
-pastu jalan2 situ, heroes merengek kelaparan. Singgah makan dkt Love and Care Restaurant, Pier Street. 
-ke Brisbane street beli apple strudels. AUD 7/strudels. 
-hantar kereta di Aries Car Rental, Kewdale. Tak jauh dari airport. Kemudian staff dorg akan hantar kita ke airport.

1. Make sure print out everything, dari tiket flight booking, accomodations sepanjang kita kat sana, dan list bekalan makanan dibawa. 
2. Declare everything. Masa kitorg tu, masuk 'laluan istimewa' sbb kitorang declare rokok. Dia just nak tengok berapa kotak kita bawa. So untuk seorang maksimum nya 2 kotak sahaja. Pegawai tu siap cakap, "i dont interested with the food that you carried" haha! Kemudian kena beratur pulak kat laluan biasa untuk security check oleh anjing pengesan. Cool ok cool kat sini. I ollss dah berdebar sbb Ammar interested gile dengan anjing tu. 😭
3. Tandas, make sure bawak botol. Takde pili dalam tandas. 
4. Kereta kitorang rent dengan Aries Car Rental. Berurusan dengan Jo via whatsapp je. Dia ni staff Aries branch KL. Nanti bagi detail segala. Dia akan uruskan. Sangat mudah ok. Bond pun dia charge AUD100 je instead AUD300 kalau kat website. GPS dia bagi free. Cuma child seat, insurans je di charge. Make sure before ambil kereta, masa check, korang ambil video whole part of the car. Check betul2. Terus inform kalau dah ada kesan calar kat mana2. Ambil minyak penuh, pulangkan minyak pun kena penuh. Masa tu kami ambil Hyundai Hatchback unlimited km sbb kami buat roadtrip kan. Bagitau jo korg buat roadtrip. 
5. Minyak kereta kat sana berubah setiap hari. Pastinya lagi jauh dari bandar, lagi mahal. Boleh download apps utk track perbezaan stesen minyak mana lagi murah. 
6. Visa, kalau korang rent car dengan Aries, untuk client aries boleh dapat RM15/person je! Jimat! 
7. Andai kalian road trip macam kami, kalau terjumpa pekan, berhenti je isi minyak walau minyak masih ada dan buang air sbb tak tahu bila pulak akan jumpa pekan lagi. Satu pekan ke satu pekan yg lain agak jauh. Dan dorang takde kemudahan RNR macam kita. Tempat rehat dorg pun tepi hutan just utk park kereta je. Nak nak kalau perjalanan dari albany ke augusta. Berhenti je lah tepi hutan lepas kan hajat. Jangan lupa siram banyak2. 
8. Waze atau GPS. Better ada dua2. Sbb ada setengah kawasan mmg takkan ada line hp langsung. Mcm kami pada hari keempat, susah nak dapat line hp. Gps pulak nak alamat tempat tu. Aku pulak tak google awal2 alamat kawasan2 nak pergi, so berpandukan signboard semata2. 
9. E Shed, bukak hanya pada jumaat sabtu dan ahad sahaja. Hari lain tutup. Jumaat dan sabtu bukak 9 pagi-9 malam. Kalau ahad 5 ptg dah tutup. Sebelum korg buat itinerary, please make sure satu2 tempat korg nak pergi tu tutup pukul berapa. Kat sana kebanyakkan pukul 5 ptg dah tamat operasi. 6 petang dah gelap. 9 malam dah rasa mcm tengah malam. Sunrise seawal jam 5 pagi. 
10. Andai Road Trip make sure sampai kat tempat penginapan sebelum maghrib. Sebab bila dah malam orang2 kat sana mmg takkan drive. Korang jangan buat keje gila pulak. Sbb laluan kat sana mmg dalam hutan2 tebal, sah2 banyak binatang buas. Penglihatan terhad dan kita takleh expect weather, kalau hujan waktu korg drive malam lagi parah. 
11. Dekat Lancelin Sand Dunes, bawak cermin mata. Sbb pasir2 halus akan masuk mata. Kalau angin kuat disarankan tak payah la main sandboard. Sandboard boleh sewa dekat pam minyak masa masuk ke Pekan Lancelin. AUD10/2 hours. 
12. Make sure bayar parking ye kat Perth! Tak memasal dapat saman. AUD 100 ok! Sama jugak dkt Fremantle. Hati2 ikut peraturan disana. 
13. Blue Boat House, mmg cantik nak ambil gambar, parking kat depan tu, dekat Kings Park Avenue, macam kondo. Kemudian lintas je jalan ke situ. Tapi ada cakap kawasan tu bahaya sbb ada kereta sewa rakyat kita kena pecah cermin. So for security, dalam kereta kena clear. Hatta cable hp. Macam kami, kami park kereta dimana kami boleh awasi dengan mata kami. Sementara suami dan ammar beratur tunggu turn utk bergambar, sy pula mengawasi keadaan kereta dari tepi jalan Blue Boat House tu. Bila turn kami, cepat2 lah kami bergambar. Tak perlu banyak2, sbb org lain pun tunggu turn jgk. Consider orang lain jgk ok. Make sense! 
14. Parking kereta AUD4 utk satu jam. Maksimum boleh 2 jam je. Cukup 2 jam renew lah. Lepas 6 petang free park. Patuh pada peraturan parking kat sana. Kalau tak sia2 kena saman. Sana takde tol, bahagia hidup.

Entrance Fees:
1. The Pinnacles Dessert: AUD 12/ car @ RM42
2. Caversham Wildlife Park : AUD 28/ person @ RM98
*under 3 y/o: FOC, child: AUD12.50
3. Tree Top Walk: AUD21/ person RM73 under 3 y/o: FOC
4. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse: AUD8/person @ RM26 *under 3 y/o: FOC
5. Busselton Jetty: AUD3 @ RM10

Tempat lain FREE OF CHARGE
Total Damage:
1. Flight Ticket Return (2 adult, 1 child): RM 1500.00
2. Accomodation (6 days 5 nights): RM 1226.00
a) Haus Accomodation 2 nights: RM450
b) Albany Bayview Lodge YHA: RM266/night
c) Restawhile Motel/ night : RM310
d) Victoria Park Lodge: RM200/night *korg boleh dapat murah jika book dgn airbnb. Tapi sy fikir keselesaan suami dan anak. 
3. Rent Car: AUD36/day x 6 days + Licence Charge+baby seat+insurance= AUD346 @ RM1200.00
4. Minyak Kereta 6 hari: AUD 196 @ RM686.00
5. Visa: RM45
6. Travel Insurance Etiqa: RM90 utk 3 org.

Total: RM 5203.00/ 3 orang.
So bahagi ummi dan papa: RM2600/person.
*tak termasuk belanja makan, parking fees, shopping.